Why use our service when there is an additional cost over and above the standard congestion charge rates? Our service includes valuable additions to processing your congestion charge application which are not available from Transport for London:

Our Website
Transport for London
Instant Email Confirmation
Up to 4 Hours Cancellation/Cooling off period
Registrations verification
Extended Hours Telephone Support
2 Hour Email Turnaround *
Date correction if advised within 4 hours
If receive a Penalty for incorrect reg details entered, will charges be paid or cancelled? **
3D Secure payment system (Visa & Mastercard)

* During normal office hours - expect longer turnaround out of hours and at weekends and bank holidays.

** IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PENALTY CHARGE NOTIFICATIONS: If, having purchased a valid congestion charge via our website, you receive a PCN which has arisen through an error on our part, we will pay the PCN (or reimburse you if you have already settled it) up to a MAXIMUM of £60. This is the charge payable if settled within 2 weeks of receipt. If you leave it for longer than 2 weeks, the charge will rise to £180, however, we will not reimburse you for any amount over £60

Fees: The standard daily charging rate for current or future dates via TfL's website is 10.00, and for previous day the TfL charge is 12.00. Our charges are current or future days - 15.00, previous day - 17.50 and for periods of a week, our daily service fee drops to 2.50. Exact charges for each charging period are noted on the order form on next page.